Playas Support Water Sustainability for Community Photo by Chas Isenhart

Playas Support Water Sustainability for Community

The city of Clovis and surrounding community depend on the Ogallala aquifer; however, it is rapidly being depleted. The city’s water assurance plan includes water conservation measures, the development of a pipeline from Ute Reservoir, and the restoration of playas. Healthy playas are a primary source of aquifer recharge, and also improve the quality of that water.

“The Ogallala Aquifer decline is something that is going to need to be addressed at a lot of city councils,” says Clovis Mayor Mike Morris. “My advice to other cities and other mayors would be have a plan, work that plan; but keep an open mind and be ready to implement new ideas that come along such as leveraging playa lakes as a way to recharge the aquifer.”

There are programs available to help landowners address groundwater depletion by restoring playas, implementing water saving technologies, and transitioning from irrigated farming. Learn more about playa conservation programs>>