Conservation Program Pays for Playa Restoration Photo by 12th Gate Studios

Conservation Program Pays for Playa Restoration

Did you know that restoring playas on your land can help recharge the aquifer? And now, there is a conservation program that provides landowners with financial and technical assistance to restore the hydrological function of their playas.

The Central Curry Soil and Water Conservation District has partnered with the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish and Playa Lakes Joint Venture to offer this program to Curry County residents. The program is designed to restore playas and surrounding grass buffers through sediment removal, buffer planting, pit filling, channel remediation, and other modifications such as berms that allow water to flow into playas. The program covers 100% of the restoration costs (determined at time of the site visit) with the agreement that the playa will not be farmed for 20 years. Landowners receive a one-time reimbursement payment for the restoration costs.

To learn more about this playa conservation program, discuss eligibility or arrange a site visit, contact Christopher Rustay from Playa Lakes Joint Venture, a pre-approved CCSWCD agent, at or 575-208-4648.


For more information, read Man on hunt for a few damaged playas in The Eastern New Mexico News.